The Dogfather

A.K.A. Heath Fletcher

Heath is the mastermind behind the Sundog Festival, the driving force who came up with the idea and put together the team that made it happen in 2022. With a strong background in event management, marketing, and creative direction, his passion for crafting unforgettable experiences and talent for planning strategically have played a huge role in the festival’s success. As our fearless leader, Heath keeps inspiring and guiding the Sundog pack to reach new levels of artistic innovation and community celebration.

Top Dog

A.K.A. Shawna Patenaude

Shawna is the hardworking Executive Director at the Arts Council of the North Okanagan and a crucial force behind the Sundog Festival. With a deep passion for the arts, Shawna keeps the dream alive by expertly managing operations and ensuring everyone is connected and ready to go. She’s great at bringing people and organizations in the arts community together, fostering collaboration and unity. Her dedication not only drives the Sundog Festival but also supports the success of BC Culture Days, making her a vital leader and advocate for the arts.

Mad Dog

A.K.A. Rusty Gahr

Rusty is the lighting wizard of the Sundog Festival, known for his “Mad Talent” in turning a city park into a stunning visual wonderland. As the Head of Lighting and an experienced Theatre Technician during the day, Rusty brings his passion and expertise to the Sundog stage. His knack for lighting design guarantees that every performance is a memorable showstopper. With Rusty leading the charge, the festival’s lighting is truly out of this world.


A.K.A. Tanya Laing Gahr

Tanya has a profound background in stage and theatre, Tanya brings a wealth of creativity and leadership to the festival team. As a high-level strategist, she inspires everyone to connect deeply with their artistic side while ensuring that Indigenous Engagement and Reconciliation are integral to the festival’s ethos. Tanya’s dynamic presence and unwavering commitment to these principles make her an invaluable asset to the Sundog Festival, fostering a space where art and community thrive together.

Dog Control

A.K.A. Kristine Larson

Kristine is the organizational powerhouse behind the Sundog Festival. Known for her meticulous attention to detail, she ensures that everything runs smoothly. From managing agendas and meeting schedules to overseeing to-do lists and action items, nothing slips through the cracks under Kristine’s watchful eye. Her exceptional ability to coordinate the chaos means every aspect of the festival is perfectly in sync. And when it comes to herding cats, Kristine might just be the only one who could pull it off with a smile!

Show Dog

A.K.A. Noah MacLeod

Noah is the artistic director extraordinaire at the Sundog Festival, he is known for his infectious energy and unparalleled expertise in the music scene. This year, he’s been on fire, crafting an incredible two-day lineup that promises to blow your socks off. With Noah’s extensive knowledge of diverse musical genres, the 2024 Sundog Festival is shaping up to be THE event for music lovers everywhere.


A.K.A. Mayla Janzen

Dedicated and tireless, Mayla is the driving force behind the vibrant Polson Artisan Market and the diverse food truck vendors at the annual Sundog Festival. With a passion for community and a knack for organization, she orchestrates these events seamlessly, ensuring a dynamic blend of local artisans and culinary delights. Mayla embodies commitment, tirelessly working behind the scenes to create memorable experiences for attendees and puppies alike.


A.K.A. Kristin Froneman

Kristin is the “Hot Dog” of communications, PR, and social media for the Sundog Festival. With a tail-wagging enthusiasm for storytelling and a knack for fetching attention, Kristin ensures that the festival’s message is spread across the land. Her energy and creative perspective are the secret sauce behind the festival’s engaging presence, making sure everyone feels like part of the pack. 

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