What Is A SunDog?

Though a Sundog can have spiritual meaning, its roots lie in science. A natural occurrence that takes place when light refracts through ice crystals suspended in the air creating a halo effect and rainbow flares on either side of the sun.
A Sundog is a natural phenomenon that is recognized by people all over the world. A Sundog has no boundaries, borders or associations with any particular race, culture, or religion.


A halo around the sun can mean many different things depending on who you ask. For the most part, a Sundog and the rainbow effect around the sun are good omens. A Sundog signifies a shift in your life, and multicoloured halos bring news of unification and harmony.

Positive change & transformation • Taking action & becoming powerful • Good fortune •  Balance, harmony, & stability
Abundance & prosperity • Divine intervention and protection • A sign that everything will be Ok

Our Mission

The Sundog Festival is an immersive public experience for all ages that elevates and celebrates Arts and Culture in Greater Vernon.

Our Vision

Our vision is to organize and coordinate an annual festival that celebrates the expression of local and regional arts and culture with events that educate, uplift, entertain and inspire.

Who We Are

Under the umbrella support of the Arts Council of the North Okanagan (ACNO), we are a volunteer collective of local artists, artisans, non-profits, tourism and small business professionals who represent a broad range of artistic and cultural expressions.


Our Goal

To develop the framework of a community- driven festival that celebrates arts and culture at a local level. Sundog Fest is supported and funded through local governments and programs and is in alignment with Culture Days in BC. The Sundog Festival is a not-for-profit endeavour that provides opportunities for our entire community to participate.

What We Do

We provide structure and support to help inspire our arts and culture community members to creatively take part in the festival with:

  • Brand development and sharable files
  • Online event calendar and social media
  • Festival marketing and promotion
  • Festival resources and support
  • Epic kick-off event to launch the festival
  • Potential funding opportunities
  • Community and stakeholder engagement
  • Sponsorship matching with events and organizations
  • Venue matching for events, artists and organizations

Individual event organizers are responsible for permits, insurance and adhering to by-law policies. Events can be free to attend, by donation, ticketed or pay at the door but must be self managed or through third party on-line ticket sellers or event management tools.

Heartfelt Thanks to our Funding Partners!

arts council of the North Okanagan
regional district of the north okanagan
Tourism Vernon

Thank You Sponsors!

You helped make this event possible with your generous In-kind contributions!

Become A Volunteer

We are looking for people who are available to help with a variety of activities. Send us a note and share with us what skills you have to offer.